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Erotic Power Play - Sexual Biting

At its core, an erotic power play is not about pain or humiliation, although it may have these elements. It's fundamentally about intensity, communication, fantasy, empowerment, spirituality, lust and testing limits. Most importantly it is about trust. It is essential that you and your partner talk about what roles and acts you are both willing to partake in before you hop in the sack. There is noting worse than killing the moment by doing something you're sure your partner will think is brilliant, only to find out it's a complete turn off. Talking about sex is not only an important part in a healthy relationship, chances are good that it will expand both your perspectives on your sex life as a couple, and will increase your comfort and trust level with each other. The number one rule regarding a sexual power play is this, if you're not sure, ask permission, every time.

The portrayal of the sexy vampire may lead one to question, if it's good enough for Bram Stoker's Dracula and his lover Mina, why not for you and your partner? Welcome to the realm of the erotic power play. The empire of bondage, discipline, role-playing and S/M is not reserved for "those" people, you and your partner may dabble in the latter. If you're looking to spice up your love life, an erotic play, in the form of sexual biting, may be you're answer.

The mouth has many parts, functions and elements to it. In fact, the mouth harbours one of the five senses we as humans value greatly, taste. The teeth are a very important part of the mouth, and the face. A nice smile and strong white teeth is a sign of good health and vitality, attracting people to one another and lighting up the face when exposed. Quite often teeth are disregarded as a method of foreplay and sex. Notions such as "toothy head" are criticized. Yes, if the use of teeth is unintentional in the attempt to pleasure your partner, you may be opening the door to pain and displeasure. On the other hand, when used intentionally, the teeth may be the key to the same door, revealing pleasure and ecstasy. Once you open the door to sexual biting, be prepared to throw away the key.

So why mix biting and sex? Sounds risky, doesn't it? Yet, there is something primal about being bitten. Since the average mature adult has thirty-two shining enamel pearls in their moist mouths, why not use them to your sexual advantage?

The idea of teeth sparks social taboos against cannibalism, while relating to the concept of fangs (vampires, monsters, wild beasts). When harnessed, these once thought to be negative connotations may be used in an erotic form to create intense stimulation for you and your partner. The old "bad means good" phrase applies in these situations. Erotic play in the form of biting may bring all the conventional fears into your mind and thus turn them into indescribable delight.

Biting brings out the animal in us. A little nip here, a slight drag of the teeth there, the body will react and respond differently in various hot spots. If you haven't kissed, gently bitten or licked where your partners neck meets her collarbone, the bend in her arm (between forearm and bicep), back of the knee, the small of her back, right above her hip bone, underneath her breasts, her toes and fingertips, what are you waiting for? These locations are very sensitive to touch, imagine what a little nip could do for her. Vary the intensity of your touch (using your mouth) by safely increasing and decreasing pressure slowly. If you've already been bitten, introduce your lover to the new sensation step by step.

Exploration in to the realm of intense erotic is something any couple can explore. The beauty of biting is that no props are necessary. All you need is your mouth and your lover's body.

To start, begin at the nape of the neck with a quick nip followed by a tongue trailing down each of her vertebra. Place another bite just along the centre of the spine. Then another, down a bit further, followed by your tongue leading the way down to the next luscious bite. Go slowly and gently, with soft nips and twists of the tongue. Be careful, if you have your lover bite your penis, or other sensitive areas such as the nipples.. The last thing that either of you want to do is harm the other in the midst of the moment.

If you are beginning your journey into the intense stimulation of erotic biting you and your lover should be aware that you, together, need to set some guidelines.

The Safety Word. Establish a safety word that you and your lover will recognise. It should be a word that you wouldn't normally say during sex. Choose the Latin name of a flower (Aster) or an everyday object (fridge). If the biting becomes more painful that pleasurable, or simply too intense, then you and your partner have a safeguard, scream the word and the biting stops then and there.

Know your partner well. It is really important that you make sure your partner will abide by the safety word. If not, you can be in danger of physical harm. Erotic biting is not something to engage in with someone you picked up at the bar. It entails trust, and trust can only be garnered in a more intimate, regular relationship.

Go Slow Biting can be dangerous. You should not have open wounds after a session of this form of erotic play, however you may have slight red discolorations that will fade or even bruises, depending on how zealous your bite mate is.

Recognize that biters usually don't like to be bitten. Biting back can be a complete thrill kill. Biting is more often than not about control, it is not out and out combat with the teeth. On the other hand, if this is something you're both trying for the first time, you may find that you like it equally well. In that case, take turns pleasuring each other, one bite at a time.

Just in case. Have a first aid kit on hand with some triple antibiotic and bandages. Just in case your lover gets a bit too vicious, or accidentally breaks the skin in the midst of sexual fervour, you should immediately wash the area, apply triple antibiotic and a bandage so that infection doesn't set it. A human bite can be just as, or even more infectious as one from an animal such as a dog.

Biting is a great way to steam up the windows to your relationship. When done carefully, in an open and trusting relationship, results may be astounding. Still, it is important to note that erotic biting may seem like a safe sex alternative, however the mouth harbours many germs. Be sure you know your lover's communicable status. If you engage in genital biting you run the same risks of STD and HIV infection as if you were engaging in oral sex or penetrative intercourse. The mouth often has small tears in the gums or tongue that can easily transmit not only bacteria, but also blood, regardless if you are the recipient, or giver, of a wound from erotic biting. So, have fun and take the appropriate precautions. Safe sex is always in season!

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