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Female Ejaculation: How to Make Her Squirt...

You’ve seen it in movies, you’re friends have told you about their experiences, and your girlfriend really wants to have it happen to her. Female ejaculation—that ever elusive subject that everyone is very curious about and for those who haven’t had the pleasure of squirting or making their partners squirt, it can seem a bit mythical. But, it is REAL and it can happen to your girl too. Read on and find out how…

Finding the G
First things first, you’ve got to find the G-spot. You’ve spent hours fantasizing about finding it, as it seems to unlock the key to female sexuality. And the reaction you’ll receive when you find it will make you want to stay down there for the rest of your life.

The “G” stands for Grafenberg (named after Dr. Grafenberg), who discovered that this area brings women intense pleasure and may result in the release of an ejaculate that is much like semen, but serves no purpose. And contrary to popular belief, it is not urine.

Many women describe the experience as the release of so much fluid that it causes them to soak their beds, and because it is ejaculated from the same tool that excretes urine, it is no surprise that men sometimes fear they are being pissed on.

The G-spot can be found on the anterior wall of the vagina between the opening and the cervix, making it very difficult for a woman to find her own without a tool designed for those purposes or your help. Proceed with caution because pressing down on this spongy mass may cause some women discomfort, while others will feel like peeing.

Insert two fingers into a well-lubricated vagina with your palm facing up. Then when you are about two inches in, make a come hither motion like you are beckoning someone to come to you. You should feel like you are touching a little soft ball. Use your other hand to gently rub the area between her navel and pubic hair.

Alternatively, use your penis, depending on its curve, to try and hit the G-spot. Try a few different positions to find out what works best for you.

Working the area
Start with lots of foreplay and oral sex to get her excited and wet. Make sure your hands are clean, of course, because she doesn’t want an infection as the result of you digging around inside her with grit on your hands. Make sure that any toy you are going to use is also thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial soap.Since the ejaculate is expelled from the urethra, there is a small chance that some urine might also be expelled. If this happens, don’t freak out or she’ll be afraid to have another orgasm again. And, remember that it’s normal for her to feel like she’s about to pee just before she ejaculates. She’ll figure out the difference between the different sensations with more practice.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible for her to urinate while you are manipulating her “stuff.” Encourage her to let go and then prepare to be soaked. As she reaches orgasm, you might just get a little bit of spray or you might get very wet, so have some towels handy. After gushing her juices all over you, she’ll probably want a break from sex for the time being, so wait for a little while before going back at it.

Of course, managing to achieve this might be a bit harder than this simple explanation makes it sound. Experiment with different positions and toys to see what works best for her. And you might want to try stimulating other parts of her body while you work away inside. You could also try to rotate between oral and finger manipulation and penis manipulation (through doggie-style penetration) in order to stimulate the G-spot.

There are a variety of toys specially designed to help stimulate the G-spot, so browse your local sex shop for some ideas. Take your girlfriend with you since she has a better idea of what her body can accommodate than you do. Your best bet is a vibrator with a curved tip. When using such toys, start off slow and let her control the speed.

Some of the best toys for G-spot manipulation are:

1. The Tidal G-Spot Vibe — this toys is simple to use and it’s waterproof, and not for the reason you think—the gushing love juices. Instead, it’s so that you can use it in the shower, if so desired.

2. The 3 1/2 inch Micro G — it’s thin and perfect for locating the G-spot. Basically, it’s what would happen if youf fingers could vibrate. Use this toy while pleasuring her with your tongue and exciting things will happen.

3. The Insatiable G— this product is designed by a woman, so it’s likely that she knew what she was doing. It’s meant to help you on your quest for the elusive G-spot—and when you find that, you will find female ejaculation.

It’s also a good idea for you and your partner to talk about this, or she might wonder what on earth you are doing poking your fingers around inside her. Ask her if she’s ever ejaculated, what position she was in at the time, how much fluid was expelled etc... If she hasn’t, then the two of you are in for an interesting journey together. Good luck!

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