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Jane Fonda's Orgy Days, Nick Furious with Paris

March 20, 2005

According to the National Enquirer, WILL SMITH and wife JADA PINKETT SMITH have discovered the secret to a happy marriage.

The "Fresh Prince" star claims that if he wants to cheat on his wife, he just has to ask for her permission first.

The unconventional pair, who have been married for over seven years, came up with the unusual open-marriage plan after examining other failed Hollywood couples.

After chatting with TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN, as well as BRUCE WILLIS and DEMI MOORE, the Smith's came to the conclusion that it's not the extra-marital sex that breaks up marriages -- it's the lying and secretiveness that goes with it.

"Our perspective is, you don't avoid what's natural," Smith told a reporter. "You're going to be attracted to people. In our marriage vows, we didn't say 'forsaking all others.'

"The vow that we made was that you will never hear that I did something after the fact.

"If it came down to it, then one can say to the other, 'Look, I need to have sex with somebody. I'm not going to if you don't approve of it -- but please approve of it.' " Will Smith recently admitted to having a strong attraction for his "Hitch" co-star, EVA MENDES.

March 20, 2005

50 CENT claims to have never tried marijuana and declares himself as one of the cleanest rappers -- despite once being a drug dealer.

The rap superstar decided as a teenager he would never touch drugs because he saw what they did to his friends and clients.

In a recent interview with Spin magazine, 50 said, "I got arrested ... when I was just a teenager. It was my second time being arrested as a juvenile, so the authorities thought it would be better to send me to a drug treatment program and see how drugs actually affected people.

"I stayed away from it, because I'd been hustling since I was 12... I was addicted to the lifestyle.

"I was always surrounded by people with drug addictions. I was in a household where everyone was drunk and crazy."

However, 50 does admit to getting second-hand highs because his entourage is always smoking pot.

He adds, "Everybody I know always smoked pot, but I never had an urge to try."

And the rapper, who doesn't even touch alcohol, insists his recorded rhymes about drug taking aren't for real, "That's me knowing there are 500,000 people out there who just want to play my records and get high."

March 19, 2005

Pop diva MARIAH CAREY tells America magazine that she's in no hurry to find a man because sex isn't a big deal for her.

"I've never been driven by the need to be with a lot of people," the singer said. "I was always focused on other things." Carey also revealed that she was a virgin until she married Sony Music boss TOMMY MOTTOLA at the age of 23.

March 18, 2005

The Associated Press reported that rap diva LIL' KIM was convicted Thursday of lying to a federal grand jury investigating a shooting outside a radio station.

Lil' Kim and her assistant were both convicted of perjury and conspiracy but acquitted of obstruction of justice. They each face up to 20 years in prison; sentencing was set for June 24th.

Prosecutors accused the pint-size 4-foot-11 Grammy winner of telling "preposterous" lies to a grand jury relying on her eyewitness testimony about the 2001 shootout outside rap station Hot 97.

The shootout occurred on February 25, 2001, when Lil' Kim's entourage crossed paths with a rival rap group, CAPONE-N-NOREAGA. One man was injured in the melee as more than two dozen rounds were fired on the sidewalk.

March 17, 2005

Just weeks after JA RULE pleaded guilty to an assault charge in Toronto, the man he assaulted is suing the rapper for $4 million in a civil lawsuit. The 2003 incident allegedly started when Ja Rule was provoked by patrons at the La Rouge nightclub.

On March 7th Ja, real name JEFFREY ATKINS, apologized to the city of Toronto, admitted that he delivered "one punch to the eye" of the victim and was fined $1,200.

That one punch could cost the rapper another $4 million.

March 17, 2005

According to her autobiography, aging actress JANE FONDA claims she was forced to organize and participate in sexual orgies with her first husband, French director ROGER VADIM.

The Mail reports that in her book, Fonda describes her six-year marriage to the "cruel and misogynistic" Vadim, and how he forced her into "sexual encounters with women," including a beautiful redhead he ordered from an escort agency.

Vadim, the ex-husband of BRIGITTE BARDOT, also "bullied her into inviting other women to join them in bed" and Fonda says she agreed to the sexual encounters because Vadim played on her insecurities, making her feel "less than perfect."

"It seems shocking that I did that, but I managed to convince myself that it was fine, that I wanted to, even though it was killing my heart," Fonda reflected.

Fonda, who's currently married to CNN founder TED TURNER, also blames Vadim, who died in 2000, for her eating disorders, which began during their marriage.

March 17, 2005

In a recent interview with Allure magazine, pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS offers up this advice to troubled singer MICHAEL JACKSON, "he should get drunk, grow a mustache and fight someone in a bar."

Toxic star Spears believes Jackson - currently in the midst of a trial - needs to adopt a more masculine persona and get embroiled in a punch-up to help toughen him up, regardless of whether he is guilty or not of the allegations.

She made the bizarre comments while expressing that she feels sorry for Michael whether he is guilty or not, saying "he probably feels alone, and he needs some help."

"He needs someone to be like, 'ok, let's buck you up, let's give you a moustache, let's rough you up, let's go to a bar, let's get drunk and be a man.'

"And if he didn't do those things, I feel sorry for him. Either way, he needs to get in a fight."

I think the first person Jackson should fight is Britney Spears.

March 17, 2005

According to, a German couple who went to a fertility clinic after eight years of marriage have found out why they are still childless - they weren't having sex.

The University Clinic of Lubek said they had never heard of a case like it after examining the couple who went to see them last month for a series of fertility tests. Doctors subjected them through a series of thorough examinations and found they were both apparently very fertile, and shouldn't have any trouble conceiving. A clinic spokesman said: "When we asked them how often they had had sex, they looked blank, and said: "What do you mean?".

"We are not talking retarded people here, but a couple who were brought up in a religious environment who were simply unaware, after eight years of marriage, of the physical requirements necessary to procreate."

The 30-year-old wife and her 36-year-old husband are now being given sex therapy lessons while the university clinic undertakes a study to try to find out if there are more couples with a similar lack of sex education.

March 17, 2005

Rapper LIL' JOHN caused a huge riot at a show in Florida last week, after he asked all the women in the crowd to flash their breasts.

The "Get Crunk" rapper whipped the crowd into a frenzy at the concert in Panama City Beach last Wednesday by threatening to cancel the show unless all the women in attendance "show their goodies."

When the ladies complied, the crowd got rowdier and the police were called in to calm them down.

According to the New York Daily News, cops threatened to arrest Lil' John unless he coaxed the girls back into their clothes.

March 17, 2005

In Touch magazine reports that 98 Degrees star NICK LACHEY is furious with PARIS HILTON after the hotel heiress allegedly exchanged e-mails with a gossip reporter about his wife JESSICA SIMPSON. She allegedly said that Jessica was trying to hook up with singer JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, apparently with no justification.

"[Paris has] been jealous of Jessica for a long time," Lachey reportedly fumed to a close pal. Apparently, Hilton is still fuming at the fact that Lachey dumped her while they were dating back in 1998 to be with Simpson. And a former friend of Hilton added that she "has a pattern of spreading rumors."

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