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Welcome to another jam-packed issue of Men's Forté! This week join amazing Alexis Amore as she returns in our collection in this all-new photoshoot! Check her out now!


Blue Amore
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Male enhancement, a step to conjugal happiness
Human sexuality is a way humans can procreate, can express themselves and get the sexual satisfaction everyone needs. Especially when feelings are also involved. But a normal sexual life can be disturbed by many causes. Beyond ethic, cultural and social existing rules, there are health problems such or physiological reasons that can cause frustrations difficult to bear. Weak erections, poor urination flow...


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Penis Stretching Devices: a complete report


5 classical positions for anal sex
img src hotarticles fit 009 .jpg width height right Those who never tried anal sex until now want to add something new in their sex...


Pop the question in style
img src hotarticles lr 009 .jpg width height right So you finally decided to honest woman out of her that means she's MensForte kind of...

Everything there is to know about women’s orgasm

Celebrities’ marriage – business or pleasure?

Women’s most important sexual organ

Love At First Sight- Chemistry Or Soul Mates?

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Spread the external labia with your hand. Then with your tongue, pointed and stiff, gently flick the area. Roam for a while, but keep coming back to her clitoris for continuous stimulation.



Wild Dancer

Sweet Touch

The Wood Wind

Matrix Style

Spider Catch

Star Trouble

The Helicopter


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