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"Please do not get suckered into purchasing a hokey scam advertised everywhere from Internet websites to popular men's magazine ads. These rip-off's will only shrink your wallet and enlarge your frustration."

Below you will find many frequently asked questions with great answers that will help you feel very confident that The Penile Fitness Program will be the only male enhancement program that you will ever want to use:

The "Penis Enlargement Pill" Scam

Please understand this, a pill alone cannot enlarge your penis. We've tried. We've taken thousands of these pills just to see what would happen, and guess what? No enlargement... No length... No thickness... Nothing that could be considered "penis enlargement" was experienced from these pills, and trust us, we've tried nearly all of them. Whoever came up with this concept must be really kidding themselves, or just trying to make a buck (probably the latter). There is not a pill in the world that will enlarge your penis by even half an inch, let alone the ludicrous claims of 2, 3, even 5 inches, in a matter of weeks. Now doesn't this just sound ridiculous? It certainly does to us. We've spent thousands of dollars and years testing various formulas with only 1 result: Less Money and more frustration! Lets use common sense for a second. Can you take a pill to enlarge your lips or nipples? They are erectile tissue just like your penis is. If not, then why do you think for one moment that you can take a pill to just enlarge your penis? It's ridiculous and the biggest scam running! Think for a moment... If you could physically enlarge erectile tissue with a pill, not just your penis would grow larger, but your nipples, anus, and lips would enlarge as well! How absolutely ridiculous!

The fact is there is no possible way to enlarge your penis without performing some kind of development exercise therapy to your penis and testicles, plain and simple. If any other method out there could deliver the results that penis enlargement techniques could deliver, that's what we would be recommending to you. But there isn't. And this is the ONLY solution we've found that works, plain and simple, for 6+ years now. Trust experience and track record, not hype. Trust Penile Fitness.

The Vacuum Penis Pump Scam

The idea behind vacuum pumping is that you will force blood into your penis and force it to grow. Now, this may sound erotic or reasonable, but beware! A vacuum pump can injure your penis easier than it can permanently enlarge your penis, simply because it's forced vacuum power, not gentle stimulation exercise.

Most men aren't going to wait a whole year to gain 1" and do it the right way, instead they think the more they pump the faster the results. WRONG! We know first hand how easy it is to injure your penis with a pump, we've experienced some horrifying effects from pumping such as loss of feeling, blotches, bursts and bleeding, and even total impotence for days on end. (something we care not to experience again!)

Pumping also does not develop your penis like our exercises do because it does NOTHING for your penile health or strength. In fact, pumping can cause impotence if misused!

The Penis Weight Hanging Scam

Weight hanging for penis enlargement is perhaps the oldest penis enlargement method ever used. Centuries ago African tribes used noose contraptions that fastened around the penis head, while rocks were hung from the bottom. This would stretch out the penis longer through years of practice. Today products have been developed to simulate this ancient method of enlargement. Now, this may sound like a good idea, but weights only lengthen the penis, they do not thicken it. Weights can also cuts\ off circulation to the penis and surrounding areas, creating unsightly stretching marks and lesions on the penis and can also lessen sensation during intercourse due to the continual lack of proper circulation to the penis. Weights could damage the nerves in the penis and cause permanent and untreatable impotence, extended hanging sessions could cause permanent damage to the areas where proper circulation was lost and could easily require partial amputation of the penis, plus it does nothing for overall penile health, strength, and ability.

In fact, weight hanging can CAUSE poor penile health, weaker erections, and lessened ability and use of your penis. Isn't this just the OPPOSITE of what we are trying to accomplish?

The Penis Enlargement Surgery Scam

Penis enlargement surgery is a very dreadful, painful, and dangerous operation that has a quite high non-success rate according to patients we've talked to. When doing research on this surgery, we came across many horror stories from men telling their experience going under the knife to achieve a larger penis size. Instead, they received many if not all of the following: Deformed looking penis, impotence, loss of sex drive, painful erections if any at all, horrible scarring, hideous appearance of penis, lumps & pits, poor circulation to penis & testicles, and damage to the very intricate network of nerves throughout the penis.

Surgery also does nothing for penile strength, health, or ability like our Program does. Surgery merely graphs your flesh and fat underneath your penis skin to give it a larger appearance, and may also cut the suspensatory ligament for added length illusion. The downfall of this procedure is that up to 75% of the injected fat will disappear over the course the following year and your penis will point down while erect! Overall, this horrid procedure should never be an option for any man to take into consideration unless he likes to gamble with his penis. We certainly do not, and recommend exercise versus surgery ANY day.

Natural Penis Enlargement - The Best In Natural Penis Enlargement and Penis Health

"Face the FACTS, penile exercise for enlargement is the ONLY solution."

Why Our Program will outperform ANY of these other methods?

Our Program actually enlarges and strengthens your sexual organs through circulation and tissue building exercises, performed by hand that only take minutes a day. There is no substitute; Penile Fitness is the true natural male enhancement solution that works! We were the original and will always be the best choice if you are looking to get real results. We won't rip you off, and we won't lie to your face just to get your money. We stand behind our program and offer you a full 6 months "satisfaction or get a refund" guarantee, instead of the wimpy 30 or 60 day guarantee's other sites have. We want your success because the more successful clients we have, the more word of mouth advertising we get. This is what we live by, and wouldn't do it any other way. It's why we have been around for over 6 years and counting!

Penis Enlargement Questions And Answers


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ge, we'll go over some frequently asked questions along with some great answers for you to review. Ready? Let's continue!

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We'll give you a quick overview of how we've combined several powerful components that you'll use synergistically to get the measurable size gains you so desperately seek. Let's start with the basics, your penis is not a muscle and your penis cannot be made bigger using pills or any kind of crazy supplement.

Penis enlargement pills don't work and that's an absolute fact and it's important that you understand that. The idea that a pill can enlarge a body part is ridiculous and you'll probably already understand that. You know however that muscles can gain strength, mass, volume and in essence, get bigger. You also know that if it's possible to stretch and enlarge tissue like ear lobes, lips and even bones. That's also a fact.

The primary consideration however is, safety and effectiveness. There's no point wasting your time doing something or using anything that won't work.

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Your Information Is 100% Secure, Private and is NEVER SHARED With ANY Third-Parties.
We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction With This Complete Package.
Please Try It And See The PROOF For Yourself. It's Just That Simple.
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