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The BIG Penis Size Survey:
Take Our Survey and See How You Measure Up!

Welcome to the official Penis Size Survey! This survey has been running since October of 2002 and has had over 350,000 respondants, with that number growing everyday! Simply use the program below to take the survey. It's easy!

Simply click ONCE on the size ranking where you fit in. This should be your ERECT size. Please be honest with your measurements so we can report a realistic and accurate penis size survey. Have fun! See below:

Click the button that best fits your current length. The results of the poll will appear to let you know how you rate. Be sure to have an accurate measurement taken before voting.


how many days for deliverly order to east malaysia??.tq.

Our answer:

what do you want to order? Joining Members Area is instantaneous. You will receive your username and password on your e-mail address after you join.

My penes is 3 inch,so I'm very cofuse. plz suggestion me any medicen or exersize.

Our answer:

Just follow the OnLine Course. You must understand the fact that penis is like any other part of the body. Exercising it will make it larger and stronger than how it was before.

im 7 3/4 nbpel x 5.7 i just want to get to 8x6 if i do just basic stretch and jelq what is a estimated time to see results?

Our answer:

Penis enlargement exercises work by breaking down the walls of the Corpora Cavernosa and force blood into them each time the cells are stretched larger than normal.

During the night, the penis repairs itself by growing these cells back. But these cells do not grow back the way they were, they grow larger and stronger each time, allowing the penis to hold more blood.

The erectile tissue is expanded and after a few weeks you will notice your penis is larger, fitter, and stronger compared to how it was before.

hello im 21 tyrs old do i have a chance to make my penis to be longer

Our answer:

The first ever natural penis enlargement program on the market. If there is a begining in natural enhancement this is represented by Penile Fitness.

It is a miracle program that is guaranteed to give you a BIG penis.
And it's not only guaranteed by the thousands of men who have used it , it's also Doctor Recommended!.

my wife felling not good when we sex

Our answer:

The members area of Men's Forte' which you get access to when you join Penile Fitness is much much better than this free site.  If you are able, I recommend joining to get access to all the information available in the members area that isn't available here.

im 18 an my penis is 4 inches how do i make it bigger to about 8 inches?????

Our answer:

Just use the routines outlined here and take your MSF for maximum gains.  I've found MSF to be great for my overall health also.  I just feel great taking it.

My dick is 11.5 inches long and 6.5" in grit.... the problem is that when erected it shapes like a C..... is it posible for it to become straighen?. Also is it possible for it to become smaller because it is quite embarasing.

Our answer:

you will need to apply the jelq for curved penises.

Penise don't go smaller so.. don't worry :) You can do Penis Enlargement Exercises to safely and quickly add size to your penis.

im 15 and my penis size is 7 inches is it ok for the ladies or do i need to get bigger

Our answer:

Maybe you should take it easy since you are still in puberty.   Legally speaking everyone should be at least 18 year of age to be visiting our sites.

Im 14 nearly 15 and my penis is 6" Do you think I should exercise it or is it too early and Is that a normal size for people my age?

Our answer:

You're still in puberty, your penis will grow more... or not :).

As for the second question I don't see why not, but maybe you should take it easy since you are still in puberty.   Legally speaking everyone should be at least 18 year of age to be visiting our sites.

I'm 18 and My penis is 7 inches long and 4 1/2 thick, is that a good size, at what age is it gonna stop growing and what size do you think it'll by then?

Our answer:

You are already considered huge, be proud!  Get your penis big will help.

can you send to me 1 video penisexercise?

Our answer:

Well you came to the right website, here you will find free exercises and videos to do just that.  enjoy.

hi i am 18 and i have a 7.5in long and 5.5in girth penis and i want a bigger penis, what can i do?

Our answer:

You can do Penis Enlargement Exercises to safely and quickly add size to your penis.

I'm 27 years old and my penis is 6inch long erect how do i lengthin it and get more girth as quick as possible and can i double up the exercise or wut can i do

Our answer:

I'd start the penile fitness program ASAP, It works, I;ve used it for 10 years with over 2 inches gained.  Its what I would recommend hands down.

how to measure the penis size my penis is not strong it doesnot erect for a long time and it is curved how to get its useual shap.

Our answer:

Penile Fitness will correct penile curvature. You know how a curved penis can give you trouble? How your erections are painful, you have ejaculation problems or get an irritated penis during intercourse? You can forget about it!!! Your erection will be straight and you'll be able to enjoy all the pleasures of sex.

I have a 5.5" could you tell me if it is enough to plesure my girlfriend

Our answer:

ask her if she's satisfied :) if she's complaining you can do Penis Enlargement Exercises to safely and quickly add size to your penis.

my penis is 4.9 inches and i really want to know how to make it bigger,also is that enough for a woman?

Our answer:

I personally recommend the MSF pills combined with penis exercises.  Exercises are the only way through you will ever see real results. As for the size you know how is said.. "bigger is better" :) the moedium size is around 5-6 inches.

5.2 in So its average, thought I was rather small. I'm happy enough now.

Our answer:

Bigger is always better. :) By following an online penis enlargement course you'll not only get a big penis , you'll also have healthy urinary tract and prostate gland. You'll know you have a healthy reproductive system when you'll get strong erections and a powerful urine flow. Using the Penile Fitness program will exercise and stimulate your penis, prostate, testicles and you'll get a healthy prostate, hard erections and a powerful urine flow.

I have 39 inch penis how can it grow?

Our answer:

39 inches? You must be an elephant or something :) If you mean 3.9 inches then do penis enlargement exercises you'll gain in length and girth. But that's nothing in comparison to the harder and longer lasting erections, complete control over your ejaculation and confidence you'll have in the new you.

my husb penis is so small he can't sutisfy me ,his penis is so small like a teen age boy,i have sexual relation with my cousin his penis is so big 3 times more,pls give suggessiog

Our answer:

You should advice your husband to follow a penis enlargement program. By using the techniques that are presented by he will work his penis so that the small chambers become bigger and bigger and can accommodate a larger quantity of blood.

i have a penis of 3.5 inch and my age is 23, how can i do my penis big in size

Our answer:

Penile Fitness is a unique and 100% natural enlargement programme that will help you enlarge your penis. Have you got just 15 minutes a day? That's all you need to achieve your goals as the exercises are so effective and easy to do.

my penis so small, I would like to make it 6-9inch, could you help me plase

Our answer:

The first ever natural penis enlargement program on the market. If there is a begining in natural enhancement this is represented by Penile Fitness.

It is a miracle program that is guaranteed to give you a BIG penis.
And it's not only guaranteed by the thousands of men who have used it , it's also Doctor Recommended!.

You'll notice that the program includes techniques that have worked to amazing results for many many men.

my penis is 5.5 inches in length by 5 inches girth.I've been doing stretches and 200 jelgs on a 5 day 2 off schedule plus wearing the fastsize extender for 1.5 to 2 hours on the same days but little to no gain in size what am I doing wrong?sometimes I feel like I shrunk it a little.any suggestions?

Our answer:

You just need to follow a recommended daily workout. If you are just starting out, here is a rule that will help you with our program: Do Not Overdo! You need to be very careful not to over-train your penis when engaging in exercise.

Maurice Anthyn Long
Look I'm 29 and my penis is exactly 7 inches erect and 5.25 around. Do you think when women see this they are impressed or dissapointed?

Our answer:

Congratulations, you're a gifted man :)

I have had sex with many women. A substantial amount of them have made comments about the size of my penis. for instance one girl said you squirt alot for your size; another said oh i thought it would be different. The one that topped it off was you don't have a big dick, because the night before when i picked her up i told her i had a huge dick. Thats when i relized that women if given the oppurtunity to have sex with bigger than smaller, bigger will win out every time. actully i've used that line a few times and worked every time. The women never called back after they relized my size. So Anyway, when i measure myself i can squeak out 5 inches and its 3.75 inches in diameter. My new girlfriend says its fine, but she sure dosnt spend much time with it. Do i have a unusually small penis? in the surveys i've looked at, they say 85 to 95% of men have larger penis than me.

Our answer:

Bigger is always better. If you had a bigger penis would you feel more confident? You know the answer is yes! It's a proven fact that men who have a bigger penis have more confidence than men who doubt themselves due to lack or size or ability.

How can i cum more?

Our answer:

Use MSF pills.

  • On command you will have fuller more powerful erections
  • You will blast away with stronger streams of ejaculation
  • You will spray her with a high volume of sperm/semen

Achim Sch�r
Hallo ! Bekomme ich Ihre �bungen denn auch inn g u t verst�ndlichem Deutsch ?? Will I become your exercise in g o o d understandably german languge also ? - Here in your public relation aera is something to understand badly. Gr��e ! A. S.

Our answer:

Just join members area. You have every chance to understand what you're supposed to do because the site is written in 5 languages including deutsch. And, if you become a VIP member you can also access free of charge 8 more websites.

my penise lengh iz 5.8inches and the girth is i need an enlargment?is it enough to enjow my women?

Our answer:

By followng a penis enlargement program you'll not only get a big penis , you'll also have healthy urinary tract and prostate gland. You'll know you have a healthy reproductive system when you'll get strong erections and a powerful urine flow.

dant penise lengh iz 4inches(10cm0 the girth is 4(inches)is it normal?does my women will enjowe with it?can i give her plessure ?do i need an enlargment?

Our answer:

By using the Penile Fitness program you will get big penis, strong ejaculations, big hard erections, ejaculation control, new and amazing sensations during intercourse

my penise size iz 15cm...5.9inches its the averege.the question is:is it enough to make a women happy?can i pleasure her?can che be satisfied?and please tell me how can i mesure it.thank you.

Our answer:

Yes, it's enough for most women and is in the lower average range so you're normal.  Check out Killer Sex Positions for sex tips.

Where should i measure my penis from from the bottom it is 9 and from the top it is 8 is that a gd size too

Our answer:

You have an amazing size, and are 8.5 inches.  Nice job.  Send us a pic to

can you pls. send me with some sample products so that i can insure it's safety????? penis enlargement

Our answer:

No, we cannot, sorry.

my penis size iz 14.5cm...its the averege..the question is:i want to married.does 14.5cm is enough to please it enough to give her plesure?does she will be satisfied?(she still virgin.i will open her)

Our answer:

Yes, it is more than enough.  Concentrate more on giving her oral sex to get her very aroused before you penetrate her.  Learn how to lick and suck on her clitirous.

i am 28 and having penis 5 almost. having premature ejaculation problem and also its not hard. please sujjest to enlarg, to get a long time sex and also about the hardness of the penis

Our answer:

I'd start the penile fitness program ASAP, It works, I;ve used it for 10 years with over 2 inches gained.  Its what I would recommend hands down.

How can I get bigger pensie?

Our answer:

I used penile fitness to get my gains.  I've used penile fitness since 1999 and have gained more than 2 full inches in length and girth, and have amazing ejaculatory control.  Thats what I would recommend.

Scott Clark
I 7 1/2 inch penis some time i wish i had more like the guys in porn my wife said its big but i want to feel the same way what do I need to do?

Our answer:

You are already considered huge, be proud!  Get your penis big will help.

Iam 22 and my penis is 3".how can i increase my penis size.also please if you have any surveys about penis please send a link to my email address.

Our answer:

Spend a little money and get a good solid enlargement program.  The best one we recommend is penile fitness, it's members area is truly great.

i'm 18 and i have a 7.5in, and i want to get bigger what can i do?

Our answer:

At your age you already have a huge penis.  Be very happy.  To increase size, check out the erection strengthening program.

hi nice site thanx

I have about a 5.5in and a width of about 1 in, how can i make myself larger?

Our answer:

A natural penis enlargement program will help with this.  It's the only thing that we have seen that by iteself can increase length and width effectively.

my penis size 7.2 hai muje 9 inc karna hai ya no ya

Our answer:

you are already considered large, so getting to 9 inches may take a few years, but its well worth the time.  After all, penis exercising is fun to do.

I'm looking for to make my penis bigger thricker and longer and stronger I need 9 inches that all but I have MaxSize Erectile Enhancement Formula I do not know if that working because I just got it but it not doing thinking because everytime I take the pills and said that I have to wait tell 45min but I do not feel nothing where can fine the better that stronger that work for me ??

Our answer:

I personally woulkd have chosen the MSF pills combined with penis exercises.  Using exercises is the only way you will ever see real results.

i am 22 i have a 5.5 inch penis is it big and will it grow more if not is the power jelq the best if so it will my first time trying it

Our answer:

your size is average, nothing to be ashamed of, but you can make it longer and thicker using the exercise techniques you mentioned.  You should however follow a complete program for best results.

Wow, great site, thanks. Now i know I'm considered quite large! :)

Wat excersises are the best to do?

Our answer:

Follow a complete program for best results.

Yes, I have been doing exercises now for about 4 months. I went from about 5 and a half long to almost 7 inches long. I mostly do the power jelqs. I want more length, what exercise is best?

Our answer:

You have made amazing gains already, you should be very happy!  Keep up what you are doing, its obviously working.

I am a man and I have difficulties regarding sex which is weaknes of my penise and lenght of my penise. my question are as follow how I increase lenght of my penise how I increase of tiem during the time of fucking how I empower or how I become stronger regarding sex please help me and adive me thanks with regards Jake

Our answer:

The best advice I can give you is to join and start using their program.  it's the best there is.  There is a free program also at, but penilefitness is best.

i'm 7 inches and I want a 9-10 inch penis can it be done

Our answer:

Yes, but only by following a good program for enlargement and staying dedicated.

hi i am a 18 year old at a length of 7 inches erect and girth of 5 inches. i was wondering how that measures up to most girls standards, witch exercise would help gain fastest and i am also wanting to last longer in bed. all i last is like 20 seconds and was wondering if that could be from jacking off to much?

Our answer:

That is a large size and at your age you should be very proud.  you will probably end up being at least 8 inches.

hey im a 7.5 an i wanna be bigger, my girl says im a good size but ha id like it to be bigger. do i rank fairly good in size? im curious to know...

Our answer:

Yes, you are considered very large!  be happy and proud!

what are the best exercises that increase the head of the penis? I have gained 1+in length and 3/4-1 in girth and now i would like to go for the mushroom thanks

Our answer:

Nice gains!  I'd say the "ballooning" exercise will work nicely for you. 

I was looking to the scale am not Circumference does it make difference if am Circumference or no my cock is 5 to 6 inch can i make it more larger? does Circumference affect the size? and why?

Our answer:

You are a good circumference already, but yes it can be enlarged, of course.

i lasting sperm 3yrs through hand ...... problem 1.dream sperm lasting 2.small size

Our answer:

I do not understand your question....  To get bigger, try penile fitness.

I hear all these things about lengthening but I tried it and I lost an inch of girth. I went from 5.5 inches erect length to 7 inches but my girth went from 5 inches to 4 inches. Anyway I can thicken up my cock again?

Our answer:

You need to also do thickening exercises, not just lengthening.  try the free program at

how to get size in short term?

Our answer:

why would you only want it short term?  If money is an issue you can try the free program at

hi dear,I was 5" and by means of exercise and cream I got 2 full inches.Is there any other method to gain more length&girth;? thanks.

Our answer:

Wow, that is a great gain, congratulations!  =)  Keep doing the exercises and you should keep seeing results.

where do i sing up ! how long do i take the pill's that will make my penis grow alot more

Our answer:

You can signup for the pills at


I would get at least a 3 or 6 month supply.

I need help with my small penis
my penis so small, I would like to make it 6-9inch, could you help me plase.

Our answer:

Sure, go to and get started in a few minutes!  =)

rick b.
how does my 81/2 inch erect penis measure up

Our answer:

You are considered very large; a well endowed man for certain.  Be proud!  =)

my dick size is 6 inches at times he can be 10 or 9 tell me how

Our answer:

To make your penis grow, you need to do penis exercises.

what is the right method to increase a penis that is 12cm long .up to 25cm.

Our answer:

Penile Fitness is our number one program of choice.  It is the best natural penis enlargement program that is around, and includes a membership to Men's Forte'

Hello I wanna get enlargement method without any instrument. Mine is now 5.8" long and 4.5" rod. Can I increase my size? Please if the effective method is available in u. somebody said me that fucking is best that right?

Our answer:

To enlare your penis you MUST do penis exercises.

should i join for exerciuses?

Our answer:

Yes, if you are unhappy with your penis size, and your results showed you below average, or you are un happy with being average, we suggest penile fitness as the number one rated and reviewed solution for penis enlargement and natural erection strengthening

is this realistic? how you create your results?

Our answer:

The results from the survey are from men just like yourself taking the survey.  we assume they are being honest since it is an anonymous survey.  If you are unhappy with your penis size, you should start practicing some penis exercises, for example, the jelq exercise is one of the best to add overall penis size.


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We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction With This Complete Package.
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