These are excellent testimonials from men who have used the PenileFitness Program for natural male enhancement and have seen truly amazing results.

WARNING: This page shows nudity and graphic pictures of male genitalia, please do not view if this may offend you.

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Penis Enlargement and Penis Health information, techniques and advice

Johan Testimonial

This is the site for me

Hello! I just found this site and have become a member today. I have now done some penile exercises and it feels great to get a better feeling for my penis. Finally I can work out my penis, as it is a muscel and I will see in some time if it has grown longer and bigger. Have a great day! Regards Johan

Roy Potter Testimonial

Thanks for your programme that you sold me last year as I have gained one and a half inches in length and a half inch in circumference.

The result is all about commitment...

I used to do this and gained in both length and girth. I don't remember why I stopped but I do remember the feeling when I noticed how fast I gained. From my own experience, it takes about 2-3 weeks before you will see anything but once I started to gain I could notice about 3-5mm in length every week. I'd say it will take more than 3 weeks to find the best technique for you but once you do, you can actually grow as fast as I did. If I have to compare this to anything else I would do it to weightlifting. How successful are you when you are working out? The result is all about commitment.

from (from

> Greetings Big Al,

> I'm just a guest but for almost 2 years now of
> following closely your PE program and doing some of
> the exercises that you've given out for free in the
> various forums,I must salute you for being the true,
> and I personally believe, the best "GURU" on natural
> penis enlargement.I started with 5.5" in length and
> 4.5 in girth. Now I'm 6 3/4" x 5.5". And, doing
> multi-directional (left/middle/right) exercises for
> base girth development upon your personal advice, I am
> now 5.4" from 4.5" after only 4 months doing 360 reps
> for each direction per routine workout, or a total of
> 1080 reps for 30 minutes. Already, my partner wants me
> to stop doing the program but I want to go for 7 1/2"
> in length and 6" in overall girth. Thanks a lot Al.
> More power!!!

Slappy (from the forums)

Yep, I was some what call skeptical at first, but the idea of penis enlargement exercises seemed logical, so I gave it a shot. I estimate that it's been about 8 weeks and I have already gained about 1.25" in Erect length and 1/2" in Erect girth!

Now I am not exactly positive that it has only been 8 weeks. It could have been a little longer because I don't remember the exact date, but I know it hasn't been past 10 weeks.

I attribute this speedy gain to the fact that I have exercised and gained results before and have had my results diminish slightly and then I did it again and had another slight diminish but each time gaining a little extra length. This is the most length I have ever gained and is probably due to consistency.

I don't even pay attention to what day it is or a schedule. I just exercise wile surfing the net and then again wile in the shower (please read the safety warnings contained in the PenileFitness website).

The path to true knowledge is discovery. As for me, I have confirmation of the validity of this info, but Its up to each person to discover the truth for them selves.

peace all!

-mTm (I'm handle "Slappy" from the forums )


I am very glad to say that your natural penis enlargement exercises have improved my sexual sensation and size. my penis has now gained both length and girth. I started exercising in December 2004. up till now I have managed to attain 5.6 inches in length from the previous 4.5 inches. Likewise I have attained 4 inches in diameter of my penis from 3. It is almost one and a half year, I expect to have my penis attained 6 inches long and 5 inches in diameter very soon. I myself am against the use of 'Pills'. Totally against and I do not want to hear anything from the use of pills. This program has helped me very much so. Thank you all.




I got very hard/erected and OMG! my penis is very very manly looking compared to the boy look I once had...boy look meaning in my opinion, small, and not so thick,and big. Thanks to the PC and penile exercises I am getting quite a package! I love the new penis gains..thick, massive, and hung. Good luck to all!

Sincerely, -PERFORMANCE2 (from the forums at

Gay Porn Star

I am a gay porn star who started out a little bigger than average, (9" cock), I started just about three months ago, I have done the exercises as called for faithfully. I did not expect to gain at all because of my size already but even within two weeks my girth increased a half inch to 6" and now, three months later my cock is at 9 1/2". Two of my co-stars have noticed (obviously) but I am going to stay on the program for as long as it takes to get to 10". I think it will work, even though I was big to begin with my gain is slower but still gaining.. i love it. Eric, Gay Porn Star


Hi,, I've been doing the exercises for almost 12 mos. now and have gained about 1" in length and .70" in girth.

Thank you so much for your PE Program, it has improved my sex life immensely. More power!

Ted Jackson

In just over four weeks I have gone from 2 inches flaccid to 4 inches flaccid. I was 5 inches erect, and now I am 7 1/2. I was using the jelqing method with a lube, but that alone did not give me any results. I would like to recommend your site to anyone who doesn't belive it works. My erections are more powerful and last longer.

Ted Jackson

Want to send us a testimonial? Send all testimonials to and you could win $1,000 or free prizes for participating in our regular contests. We always love your letters, so keep them coming!

Penis Enlargement and Penis Health information, techniques and advice

MITEN Testimonial

I used to do this and gained in both length and girth. I don't remember why I stopped but I do remember the feeling when I noticed how fast I gained. From my own experience, it takes about 2-3 weeks before you will see anything but once I started to gain I could notice about 3-5mm in length every week. I'd say it will take more than 3 weeks to find the best technique for you but once you do, you can actually grow as fast as I did. If I have to compare this to anything else I would do it to weightlifting. How successful are you when you are working out? The result is all about commitment.

Big Albert, member since July 9th 2001

Thanks,thanks,thanks. After five years my situation health sexual care is very very satisfied. I am fifty five years old and never have had more strong like now. If you know my old situation, much satisfaction would have also you. The Penile Fitness Program really works! My old mail address was *****@*****.com (only for you, please privacy). Best regards everyone!

New Testimonial

Hey I joined many months ago and also had purchased a 4 month supply of ProSolution Formula and have. On average I'd workout my penis about 25 minutes, 4 times a week. Ive been doing this for about 4 months now. The results have been GREAT! My girl friend is loving it. She moans louder then ever now. These last 4 months I've had ROCK HARD erections which were amazing. Thank you!

Tony, NYC

Thank you for changing my life (sent via email 12-15-06)


Thank you for changing my life.
Since I was in High School I knew I had an extremely small penis. I could never keep a girlfriend, and I lacked the confidence to talk with girls. In fact sometimes I would simply need to be satisfied with porn.
I followed your advice and now I feel like a man.

Cory M, CA

Subject*: Upgraded Jelq Program?

Hello, it's Truman. I purchase the program back in 1999. The program is great! I admit, after committing to the program I'm finally getting the results I've always wanted (I hot wrap for 15 minutes, jelq for 45 minutes then Hot Wrap 15 min). But I have a question: does have a new upgraded program? The site currently says that the PE methods can take 5 to 15 minutes everyday; if this is true please let me know, because if I can achieve the same gains with less jelq-time - I'd totally subscribe & download the program again.
> Thanks for the response.


I am diabetic type 1.
After getting a temporary license to your penile execises site,
I have seen some real good results!

Many thanks!
- David


Hi this is "Anonymous", i ordered your program a few years ago and i am very pleased with the results.... its great thats why i put the testimonial up there... but even though the email address is blocked out people are still figuring out what my email address is. i beleive the one i wrote to you was aol but it might have been yahoo? either way i dont mind at all, i refer everyone that asks me about it to your program and tell them that it works! i hope you have gotten many more customers from my referrals. as a matter of fact, i dont mind it, i enjoy referring this program to them. that is why i would like you to change the email address on the testimonial from my yahoo address to . its the one im on most frequently, and if anyone would like to ask me about the program i would be happy to refer them to it! i just never really use my yahoo address anymore soi dont get the chance. if you could do this i would appreciate it and if you need any information to verify that that is actually me, i would be happy to supply you with any that you need. Thanks, and keep up the good work with the great program!

Dear PF...

I felt I should post my story to help the beginners and the skeptics.

I have been a member of the Penile Fitness site for 2 1/2 years now and have had success with the program. It will work for anyone who devotes the time to the exercises. Of course I have been through my ups, downs & plateaus, but I am sure glad I stuck with it. I joined to try to enlarge my penis and get some self esteem. I was insecure about my penis size of 5.5" L x 4.5" W and to boot I was born with Hypospadias. It took 4-6 months to get things really working. Once I got on track I started to see gradual gains. I have stayed with the basics, regular slow jelqing, stretches to the front and down, lots of Kegals, and of course the hot wraps. Now I am 7.25" L x 5.5" W, my self esteem is way up there, my wife loves the new me, and I will continue to exercise until I reach my original goal of 8" L x 6" W.

Put the time into the exercises; ask lots of questions, and the program will work for anyone.


Yeah baby...

Ok, anyway tried the program, and in about 2&1/2 weeks to 3 wks have grown in girth and a quarter inch in length. In fact, it almost seems like half an inch. Fuckin brilliant system. The confidence I have now just from those gains is astounding. You know what though, I have yet to try it out! What lucky women will take what I can now offer? Confident guy...

Testimonial from PESUCCES

PESUCCES ?s erect penis after only 8 days on the program pics 1,2 and 3.

I started the 16th of januari 2003 with excercises. Erect my cock was 15,9 cm or 6,3 Inches Now, after 8 weeks he is 20,0 cm or 7,5 Inches Not bad! Especially for the limited time I've used this program.

Measurements and statistics of PESUCCES


date day flaccid
16-jan 1 12.2 15,9 13,8 0,0 0,0
18-jan 3 14.0 16,2 14,1 0,3 0,3
20-jan 5 14.5 16,8 14,3 0,9 0,5
22-jan 7 15.0 17,4 14,7 1,5 0,9
25-jan 10 15.2 17,5 14,7 1,6 0,9
29-jan 14 15,5 18,0 14,7 2,1 0,9
31-jan 16 15,5 18,5 15,0 2,6 1,2
15-feb 31 15,8 19,0 15,3 3,1 1,5
25-feb 40 16,0 19,6 15,3 3,7 1,5
5-mrt 48 16,0 20,0 15,5 4,1 1,7
21-mrt 64 16,5 22.1 15.4 6,2 1,6

More success pics from PESUCCES

I sent you this mail as a testimonial of my success using the PenileFitness Program. In my statistics you can see the succes range of my excersises. I and my wife are very happy with this result, and we are still going on until I reach 10. Please list my name as "PE-SUCCESS", and we are looking forward to my testimonial on your website. I am in teh message board reguarly so if any new guys need advice I am always looking to help. Take care and thank you very much!

Testimonial from OX

I came to this site to strengthen my erections. After I fixed that, I started working out a bit harder to increase my penis size. I started with a nice 5.5" long penis and after a year on this program I had a nice 7.25" long penis. Like anything else in life it takes dedication. You want a big penis; you have to work on it. You want a six-pack of Abs, get off your lazy ass and work out. Same principle - two different goals.
Please DO NOT use my real name. You may use my nickname: OX

OX's penis in a flaccid state:
- 3 days on the program (pic1)
- 1 year on the program (pic2)

OX's erect penis: 3 days on the program

OX's erect penis: 1 year on the program

Testimonial from YG,

I started out your program back in October of 2000, starting out with an erect measurement of 4.5-4.75" in length, and about 3.5" in girth. The main reason I started this program was to improve my self-esteem and confidence, and diminish any insecurities I had with my penis. It was my only insecurity.

Having a small penis ruined alot of things in my life, and I was tired of not doing exciting things with women, because I was insecure. So I started out the program optimistic, hoping I would see results. I had always said, if I started to see any kind of results, I would know I was on the right track and that this program worked. So I first reached 5", and said to myself "Ok, maybe this works." But when I got to 6", I knew this program was realistic. 11 months later, I'm measuring a little bit over 7" in length, and 5.5 in girth, BUT the most important gain I made was in my self-esteem, as you really do carry yourself differently. I'm hoping to reach 8"x6" before I reach 21 years old, go on a maintenence routine, then hit the clubs ;) Watch out ladies!!!! To anyone that tries this program out, be determined and stay consistent, it all pays off in the end.
Good luck guys.....

Testimonial from Niv

Dear Penile Fitness and Co.

I hope all is well.I have seen your mesage boards.. and i guess i should send my pics. I hope you didint think i was being a fake... I am not in for the money...i just wanted to show my progress. I had sent them on several occasions before in the past few months with no reply . thats ok ..Do hope u find these good. I am so grateful to your great PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!! bless you . my stats..1st pic is ( current size ): 7 inch length, 6 girth, the 2nd pic (starting size) started at 6 length , 5 girth age 20 always!! Niv

2nd email from Niv after our reply:
Hi Penile Fitness, Many thanks for the great reply .and for considering me for yur before and after sections!! These are the best pics I have now. The first one is my before and it is the smallest.. i do have.I dont have the camera wit hme now to take a beter latest pic..but I do hope these work. Also, for privacy reasons.. LOL
If u can simply put my name as Niv..... I will appreciate I Do look forward to your reply..

Testimonial from Therrin W

Hi! Penile Fitness and company and affliates and employees and anyone else i may have forgot or need to say, my name is Therrin W i live in ------, MS at the present time, and im 20 yrs. old. Its quite simple like its stated, its exercise for your penis. The same principle for working out your body in the gym works the same for the rest of your body INDEED. Practice makes perfect. I started out with 8 inches in length I didnt know or measure my girth. I bought the program in May of 2000 but i was offf and on with it, not telling where i would be if it was steady and let me tell you the first signs of gains were girth. Those ------ are something else, at first it was a little uncomfortable but i didnt give a hell i just kept doing it, it already felt like it was working and the ------- with the -------------- are a killer combination, they MUST be done in conjunction with each other with the latter done first then ----------. I started using the --------------- and after a few weeks i saw tremondous gains, my flaccid state just shot to an increasing size. I gained a full inch in a week, and everyones body is a little different so for each individual a slightly different occasion. I remember just browsing the site before i got it, reading the testimonials, and seeing the pictures, one with a guy pressing his penis at the base and it looks like its erect or not but in a down state and another pressing his at the base but its erect and quite formidable i would say 8.5 to 9. This works for A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y, anybody, any race, any height, any shoe size, or present penis size that your at and its GARAUNTEED if you JUST DO IT. If you can go to the gym and work out you can do this. The penis is like a muscle and it can be what ever you want it to be, ITS ALL ON YOU, practice makes perfect. For you guys out there just reading this testimonial of mine wanting to know for an ironclad fact if it can be of any benefit to you, BELIEVE me brother all this can do for you is HELP! you. Its really COMMON SENSE you'll se e if you decide to join this great site. My target goal was 14", now just 12 or 13" will do. Im now at 10" sometimes 11" if im really turned on, my girth is 7", my flaccid state is 6 1/2 inches, i never really measured before i started just after and i remember it being 5 inches exact. The breathing exercises and mental inmagery and visualization are also important might i add, the help with your target size, well for me it works, if you can see it you can be it. And the sensation you get with this is incredible just urinating feels soooo good now. My erections are steel hard, and they were before i started it. It looks much stronger, has more veins and ridges, just more structure and feels better and stronger. I have some pictures for proof of this health benefit for ALL MANKIND. Thanks for this. I hope you put this up on the site and my pics too. It was a real experience, a good, and educational one.
Thanks again, have a good one.

Testimonial from Anthony Tan

Dear PF,

I would like to thank you for your excellent site for male enhancement. I have been on the programme for almost a year, and since day one, has been working towards my target. As a return favour, I have attached a picture of my new organ, to share with you my achievement. I'm so glad of your site and right now, as you could see, Mr Penis is somewhat over 8" erect, and over 7" in girth. You have certainly made me a proud Chinese Malaysian whom is real excited about my sexual potential. My investment definitely paid off well, and I owe everything to you! Thanks again.

Anthony Tan
Klang, West Malaysia

Testimonial from Mad Mac

Hey there I just wanted to let you guys know that this program is nice I started out at a little under 6 inches and after about two months and a little trial and error im about 6 and a half inches now, also the pc blasters are nice too. Results from both are great, go ahead and put my pic up if you want, I know youve had the same ones up for a while. Mines a little red as you can see from a strenuous workout. It goes away after a few hours.
Thanks for the info


Testimonial from Witold Bogacki

I started this program augut 2004 5inch to 6.5 good ereckt thenk You

Witold Bogacki

Testimonial from Jason Spears

Just wanted to send you this e-mail to let you know that I think your program is absolutely wonderful, my wife thinks so too! In 3 months I've gained 1.5" in length, much thickness, and muscularity that my penis never possessed before. I attached a snap shot of myself after "working out" with my digital cam, I hope you put it on your website for all to see. Well, that's about it, your program is great and I hope many other find out as well. Thanks a lot!
Your friend, Jason Spears

Testimonial from Jay Powell

Hi, this is Jay Powell from ---------, and just wanted to e-mail you with a pic I took off the quickcam last night. I've been on the program for 2 months now, and my erections are like STEEL! And, even though I can't believe it, my penis actually feels bigger! I'm going to start spending more time on the enlargement exercise now that I know it works. This is exciting and just wanted to share my excitement with you. Thanks for the info; my penis is actually looking muscular! Thanks!
Jay Powell

Testimonial from Scott McCartney

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and a pic of myself after I've been on your program for a while. I've been doing your program since May 1st, and it's been quite a time since. Before your program I measured about 6" erect, and had very poor stamina and erection strength. For 2 1/2 months I've exercised every day, not missing even one session for anything. I even did them daily when my wife and I took a vacation to Florida in July. Now, presently I measure 7.5" fully erect, and my erections are so hard and strong now my wife says it's like I have a totally different penis all together! You can't understand what this means to us, our sex life was going downhill until I started your program. Now, it's like we're in college again! Thank you so much, and I will continue to do your methods until my wife tells me otherwise (wink wink). Thanks again and keep up the good work, all men need this info.
Your pals, Scott & Theresa Mcartney

Testimonial from Seth Vanburen

My name is Seth Vanburen, and on the 12th of June I ordered your Penile Fitness Manual, and just wanted to tell you about my progress so far. It's been almost 2 months, and I can't believe the difference already! Before starting your program, I measured 6.5" from base to tip, now, after 7 weeks of exercises I have gained nearly 1.25" in length! Also, I am quite a bit thicker than before as well! By this rate I'll be 8" in a few weeks! Thanks to your program I am adding confidence to myself every day I do your work out! Thank you for your program, it's great! The picture I sent you is proof of my progress; I took it 10 minutes after exercising so I may seem a little "tired". Overall I give your program 4 stars for excellence! Take care and feel free to use this on your website! Thanks again! 7.75" and growing!

Testimonial from Gregory Ledford

Hello, my name is Gregory Ledford and I'm from ---------. I ordered your PenileFitness Manual on the 21st of November 1998, and just wanted to tell you and show you my progress & gains thus far, which have REALLY surprised me. Before I started your program I was average, measuring 6.5 inches erect and 4 inches flaccid. I really wanted to enlarge my penis even more because my girlfriend at the time stated that she loved larger sized men, and her boyfriend before was larger than I was. This really made me feel inferior, and I was determined to do something about it. I focused on your methods right from the start, spending no less than 30 minutes a day on one of your exercise routines. It has now been 8 months since I started, and now can hang nearly 6 inches flaccid and a MUCH larger 8.2" in length erect, also 6" in circumference. It has been a great & exciting time strengthening and developing my penis, and the gains eventually came just as you promised! It's absolutely amazing just how effective your simple exercises are to do. Simply amazing. Thank you once again and please, feel free to use my testimonial and picture on your site in the future. Thank you again from the snowy north!

Testimonial from Bill Werner

Hello, I hope everything is good with you, as it has been great for me! Your exercises are absolutely mind boggling! This is the 6th month on your program and I'm continually seeing results the more I use them! It's great! I think you guys should be very proud of yourselves, designing a program with so many benefits, especially with such a demand out there. I know for a fact if every man on earth knew about the power in this program, you'd have them beating down your door for the information! Currently, I'm at 8.5" fully erect, 2.25" more than what I started with! As you can see in the picture I sent you, my penis is very tired from a vigorous exercising. I hope you like the letter I sent you, and once again THANK YOU for designing this powerful program! We need it!

Testimonial from Taymal

Hello, my name is Taymal and I'm from Argentina. I am writing to you to thank you for such a great and powerful manual, one that has changed my life. My wife and I have had a horrible sex life, mostly due to my impotence. When I came to your website the first time, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I gained access to your manual and began right away. It has been 5 months since this day, and the developing that I've done in that amount of time is absolutely incredible. I have completely cured my impotence altogether, something even my doctor wanted to know how I did it. I am more confident, healthier, and my penis is also much larger now, measuring 7" erect. My marriage has improved dramatically as well, something I couldn't improve before your manual. Thank you for compiling this type of information for men like myself. My erections are so hard now I swear I think I'm dreaming at times. Perseverance has definitely paid off! You are all great, thank you so much for changing my life!
In your debt, Taymal

Testimonial from GC

Hi guys, wanted to send a pic for you to add in the testimonials section. You can use the pic but please leave my name out for privacy reasons. I started about 1 1/2 months ago and since then I have gained 3/4 of an inch in length and about .5" in girth. I also have much more sensation during intercourse, which really tells me something is working! I am presently 7" and started at about 6.3", so everything's going great! I'll keep you posted on my progress! Thanks, this information is a MUST HAVE!!!.

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Your Information Is 100% Secure, Private and is NEVER SHARED With ANY Third-Parties.
We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction With This Complete Package.
Please Try It And See The PROOF For Yourself. It's Just That Simple.
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